The Wednesday Rundown 10.12.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a haunting image created in a pool of water in the woods. We also have a vintage bus shoot that takes place in Switzerland. They have an amazing vintage bus that looks great in the photos. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Running Shoot:

D. Scott shoots runners through the autumn woods. A simple 1 light setup to shoot runners passing by. Click here to see his blog post.

Running with D. Scott Clark from Christopher Whonsetler

Fashion Magazine

Astonish Magazine takes us behind the scenes with a vintage bus shoot. The lighting is done with one light and special effects are done with a smoke machine. The final pictures roll by with the credits at the end.

Fashion Breakdown from Marc & Louis Photography on Vimeo.

Erie Pool Shoot:

A very unique location shoot in a pool of water. The final image is a composition of several shots layer. Check out the photographers website here

Making "The Three Camelias" (Behind the Scenes) from Gary Yost on Vimeo.

Vegas Underwater:

A short under water shoot in Vegas. These under water shoots always spark interest in me. There is something magical about how the body moves in the water.

Behind the scene - Vegas Seven Mag Summer Survival Guide Photoshoot from Kin Lui on Vimeo.

on Vimeo.

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I always enjoy and look forward to "THE WEDNESDAY RUNDOWN".  It's like getting four for the price of one!  I am addicted to FSTOPPERS.  Keep up the great work guys and gal (I didnt forget about you Reese!).

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for the compliments and not forgetting about Reese. haha 

Thanks for the posts.

Jesse Lash's picture

Jerrit, in the first video you mention him using one light but it seems like there's a white lightning as well as a bare speedlite on a stand. Do you think he wasn't firing the speedlite? 

The final images in D. Scott's video look real good. Good find.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Very wise you are young Jesse. Yeah I see two now. 

Wayne Leone's picture

Nice vids but I'd prefer narrative explaining the creative and photographic process over music.