The Wednesday Rundown 2-29-12

The Wednesday Rundown 2-29-12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a Red One test shoot. Amazing to see what this video camera can do with just simple available ambient light. We also have a couple other shoots to check out and snag some ideas from. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Red One Test Shoots:

See what the Red One can do with just available light. Pretty amazing to see how far technology has come and how quickly it is moving.

The Third Floor Red One Test Shot from Kit Sivyer on Vimeo.

Fashion Shoot:

I love the location this fashion shoot goes down at. Great patterns and inspiration everything. Watch and see what Meldany Photography whips up in this video.

Behind the scenes with Meldany Photography from AP Video on Vimeo.

Retro Games:

Sometimes I wonder if we have really seen it all, then I see something crazy. Check out this studio shoot with old arcade games.

Friday Night Workshop: RetroGames meets lightGIANTS from lightGIANTS on Vimeo.

Orchestra Shoot:

This video get a little off track sometimes but I have been trying to setup a cello shoot for a while and this one caught my eye. The final images at the end are worth looking at after seeing their setups.

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Cool Wednesday Rundown. The first and last were my favorite. That red one video showing how clean the image was just by using the ambient light around them was really exciting. As photographers, we look for how we will place our subjects in the most interesting, if not flattering, lighting we can find during the day. Imagine the possibilities of shooting in a similar fashion at night.