The Wednesday Rundown 11.17.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have two videos sent in by the crowd at fstoppers. Always great seeing what our readers / creative crowd produces. We also have a video from David Ziser. He walks us through lighting a wedding bridal shoot and editing of the final product. Help us out and send in your behind the scenes shoots.

David Ziser : Bridal Shoot

This is a long video but well worth it, I promise. This guy has been shooting for a while and is very good. David also walks us through some post production tricks he uses for this photo.

Making of a Commerical:

A video showing the making of a commercial for a local jewelery company. Check out all the gear they use and the final video cut.

Time Travelers Shoot:

A photo shoot sent in to us by Benjamin Von Wong. Benjamin shoots a model in victorian clothes with some creative lighting.

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Patrick Hall's picture

David's video is great if you need an intro to PS but I would kill myself if this was my wedding workflow! Reminds me why I love shooting JPEG and not photoshopping anything except for minor tweaks.

Patrick/Lee, You both say that you prefer to shoot JPEG exclusively. May I ask why? Why not have the data that is available in RAW at your fingertips if you need it. I understand that JPEG forces you to be a better photographer, but having that control really makes sense to me if for some reason caught a moment at a wedding, but was just a bit underexposed.
What real benefit is there to JPEG shooting besides memory space?

@Stefan: I would never say that shooting Jpeg is better. Obviously Raw gives you way more control. At this point in my career I simply do not want more control. 99% of the time there are 3 shooters at my wedding shooting the exact same thing. If somebody messes up I have 2 cameras to fall back on. It's much faster for me to delete than tweak every image.

The biggest reason though is that I actually prefer the look of Nikon jpegs to that of Adobe Raw conversion. If I used Nikon Capture to edit my Raws I could actually get the images the way I like them but so far, I can't with Adobe.

@Lee, obviously getting great shots hasn't been a problem for you and your images prove that. I guess I just like the archival possibilities in RAW and .DNG to always be able to go back and retrieve any piece of data from those photos.

I haven't deleted a digital photo in 10 years so I guess I'm kind of like photographer version of a Hoarder. Please don't refer me to TLC for their next special.

@Stefan: I'm sure that one day I will move to all Raw but right now I have a workflow that works for my business. My clients want quality pictures and I have come up with a simple way to produce them.

I think that shooting jpeg will make you a better photographer but that is beside the point. I say, do whatever you can to create a better image whether that is in the camera or on the computer in post.

Patrick Hall's picture

I have always said, I would shoot RAW tomorrow if Nikon sold a plugin for Lightroom/Photoshop that gave me the same colors as the camera or Capture NX. Until then I'm saving my time rather than photoshopping all day. Heck Lee is now shooting on an iPhone :)