The Wednesday Rundown 11.24.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week I had a home town guy (Greg) send me a video. Yep, straight from the big D, Dallas Texas. It is a little risqué so please make sure you know who is looking over your shoulder at work. We also have another video sent in from Jorge. Thanks again guys for sharing your work with the crowd here at Fstoppers.

Photo Retouching:

Check out this page and video below to see some great tips on photo retouching. A bit long but worth the watch.

Mosaic Shoot: NSFW

A shoot with an amazing sky line of the Big D.  These guys have some great lighting and this video has some nice touches.

Circus Shoot:

A very unique photo shoot with a circus theme. This video does have the final pictures at the end after the credits roll.

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Patrick Hall's picture

Brandon Uhr is a photographer for Playboy and they always have a very stylized look. Those have to be the largest strip boxes I've ever seen used to shoot people! Def NSFW but really interesting if you are into glamour shooting

The editing video was fabulous. Thank you Jesse for taking the time to make it. I always use plug-in and actions to do edits like that but half the time I end up fixing what the actions messed up. I really like what he did and I think I will employ his suggestions to some of my shots.

Thank you very much for that retouch video! 30 mins felt like 5 :)

Shannon Wimberly's picture

I have been using Photoshop since 2.5, I found the retouch vid very informative. I thought I knew practically everything about Photoshop, but his techniques opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. OH YEAH!!!!! Patrick, Lee.... shouldn't there be something on the site that we can buy from you guys to help out with time and expenses... these posts are expanding my photography education in leaps and bounds. I am pumped!! thanks

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for all the comments guys, I want to give Jon Lemon a shout out for the retouching video. He is pretty cool.

Thanks for the retouching video. Looks so easy when you do it. Will give it a try, but I bet it wont go as smoothly :)

The first video was excellent!
But i must say the "North America is the center of the world" comment sounds very ignorant and pointless. Sorry, had to say it.

The retouch video was great. I do high end retouching myself, but I always enjoy watching other photographers work flow to see if I could pick up on any tips and tricks that could make my work flow faster. In this case, the way you retouch the iris, by burning in the shadows, and dodging the highlights will save me some time from the method I have been using.

Awesome retouching video! I'm still in learning basic things in photography and this helps a lot :D
Thanks for posting it :)

Great retouching video, I would love to watch some more like it! Very informative, keep them coming