The Wednesday Rundown 3.30.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. How many of us really take advantage of the video function of our camera? I have been able to see Lee and Patrick transform from strickly photography to a being able to knock out some great videos. It does take time and they don't let me hang out with them while they are editing, I tend to get them off topic a bunch, but these guys really make it look easy. If you haven't had the chance to sit down and dabble around with editing video, well now is the time. I have found a great video editing tutorial and even some great looking open source editing software. You may have to do some reading on these but it is worth a shot, you really have no excuse. With everyone else learning you should jump on the wagon and catch up. What if shooting video takes over shooting stills for weddings or other major events? Could it happen in our lifetime? If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.


Great Lifehacker links:

I am a huge and fan. I need some nerd news to get through the work day almost everyday. The past couple of weeks lifehacker has been posting classes on video editing. Hit up the link to check out there extensive write up. Lifehacker also posted a link to some free open source video editing software. I have not had the chance to dive into it but from the looks this is worth the download. You have to sign up for the download, Lightworks.


DSLR Commerical Shoot:

This is a very long but solid BTS video on shooting a commercial. Go grab a beer and see how this shoot goes down as it is narrated.


DIY shoulder mount:

I really love being able to create tools to create great videos. Saving a few bucks always helps. This is a rough video on building a shoulder mount, however I really like the idea and think many of use could use this.




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Meh. That already occurred back in the late '80s early '90s. A lot of people were switching to video from photo, for weddings, but over time people gravitated back towards photos (you're too young to remember Jerrit ;P). I can see video eventually being good enough to grab stills from but never really matching a properly lit and well composed shot. There will always be a place for photographs, it's just a different experience, so I can't see one ever replacing the other. I totally agree though, that you have to get some solid video XP under your belt if you want to stay competitive in todays market.