The Wednesday Rundown 8.18.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Thanks to everyone that came out to the second fstoppers meet up. It is really cool getting to know the community here in NYC. This week I have found a video on creating an action to stamp your logo and add a border to your photos. Pretty interesting stuff if you have not done an action in Photoshop.

Photoshop Action:

A video showing how to add a border and your logo to a photo. A must if you plan on doing this to a large amount of images.

Urban Runner:

A photo shoot featuring some urban running.  I love the location of the shoot. Just something about train tracks...

Swank Photo shoot:

A catalogue shoot for a boutique. A like the way they use some natural light and flash in the photos.

Wildlife Photography:

A shoot on location with some flamingos. Pretty cool images come out of this shoot.

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Love the Swank photoshoot video. We have a fashion client and this is inspiring and useful to see.