The Wednesday Rundown 9.21.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This Rundown we have a basketball shoot and a couple of very good fashion shoots. One was done for a total of $52 bucks! There is also a daring DIY video, only for the ones that have a replaceable camera. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Basketball Shoot:

Take a behind the scenes look at the Memphis Tigers basketball team shoot. I love the glossy black floor the photographer uses to get a killer reflection. The video does include some clips of the players just hanging out, but overall there are some good ideas to take from this video.

White Cloth Shoot:

Amy shows us how she did a white cloth photo shoot to capture some great images. The final images turn out very nice; Amy found a great balance for the white so it isn't blown out, which creates a interesting texture to the image. She did the whole shoot for $52 bucks! Check out her site , I really like her pictures on there.

Fashion Shoot:

A very well lit fashion shoot. They have one large and medium softbox on the right being reflected on the left. They move the back rim light around during the shoot and even use it to bounce light off another reflector in one pose later in the shoot. They also have a reflector the model is standing on. The model knows how to work it.

DIY Car Mount:

I do not recommend this if you cannot replace your camera if something goes wrong. I have had these suction cups for over 3 years and never did anything with them, but I am tempted to shoot a video this weekend with them. Watch the video and get some ideas. Please share if it works out for you, I don't want to hear any horror stories. There is a lot of potential for this DIY. If it works out well this weekend maybe I will throw up a video. If not... well I might post it anyway.

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Who is the 12 year old with the big teeth wearing the wedding dress? J/K...........or am I?

oh, thats just a MOB (mail order bride), they're cheap for nudes too ZING

Sean Shimmel's picture

What refreshing modeling energy. All too often young models are scared and wooden. 

Graham Marley's picture

I couldn't get through the wedding dress shoot, even on mute. Just knowing that's the music being played made it hard to watch. 

The third post on Fashion shoot is not available anymore

THE GREAT ZEEE's picture

first video   "you know you can talk its a video camera" that was funny

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

dude what is going on?

Patrick's picture

White Cloth Shoot: - The shot @ 2:21 mark is KILLER. I might to try this out next week!

Bas ter Beek's picture

On the last video: I think the suction cups will get loose once the engine heats up. The heat from the engine will get in de vacuum area and expands...

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I was going to try the suction cups but man I can't trust that thing. No way.