The Wednesday Rundown 9.22.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Happy first day of Autumn, I cannot wait to see the leaves start changing up in the northwest. This week I have a line up of videos on natural lighting.  So many times we try to complicate a shot when we can just use some controlled natural light and have some amazing photos pop out.

Ambient Light Portaits:

These guys, Lime Photography, has some great behind the scenes videos. I used one last week. This video shows several examples of using natural light in a simple room. Nothing to fancy here, but some great images come out.

How to use Natural Light:

A very detailed video and walk through of using natural light. This video walks you step by step how to shoot with natural light inside.

Natural Light on the street:

This photographer takes out a model to the streets and knocks out some photos on a cloudy day.

Train Station Shoot:

I searched for a while to find an Autumn photo shoot. One with leaves falling, maybe even holding a pumpkin. I couldn't find a thing that had any good images. So well I will round it up with this.  A quick shoot in a train station. Some simple lighting and empty train station hallways make this shoot.

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