The Wednesday Rundown 9.28.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This Rundown we have a fitness shoot in the oldest working gym in America. The walls have a ton of character that really gives the models something to stand out against. BYU cranks out a creative softball action shoot for their team's posters. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Fitness Gym Shoot:

Matt Hawthorne takes us behind the scenes at the oldest working gym in America. The down and dirty gym gives this photo shoot some great character. The model pops off the textured walls. Check out his site to see more .

Matt Hawthorne Photography - Fitness Gym Photo Shoot from Matt Hawthorne on Vimeo.

Mustang Shoot:

Ever since getting a '67 mustang in high school I have been a huge fan. There is nothing better than seeing American muscle still at work. Joel shows us his mustang shoot in Australia. Check out that sick action shot he did with the camera mounted to a boom arm.

Behind the Scenes of Magazine Cover Shoot from Joel Strickland on Vimeo.

Softball action Shoot:

This video takes a creative approach to a softball team's action photos. The water gives an extra appearance of motion that creates a unique image. The water looks so sharp lit up with that black sky in the background. Here is a link to the final posters from the shoot.

Pre-wedding Photos:

Simeon Quarrie shows us a day of shooting a soon to be married couple. He creates some stunning images with by using the natural light and additional lighting for the night shots. Take some tips and poses from this photo session for your next couples shoot.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes from VIVIDA on Vimeo.

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Matts final images are great!! Props!!

All that work for the Mustang photos and the magazine misspelled "its" on the cover.

I Loved the pre-wedding video post. Thanks Jerrit. 

Mike Folden's picture

Loved the look of Matt's photos. 

The Mustang photos didin't seem to stand out much to me. 
The softball shots we're a really cool idea but the images they threw in the video didn't fit what I was hoping for. The one's of them shutting their eyes? Maybe those weren't the finals? Great idea though. 

the pre wedding photos where the best

Wayne Leone's picture

Agree - thought they looked fantastic. No doubt due in part to the personality of the photographer. would be interesting to know how long he spent with the couple as it started in bright daylight and ended at night time.
I normally only spend 60 - 90 minutes with a couple.

Thanks people. I tend to make an evening of it. Start before the sun goes down. Then have a break and get a bite to eat with the couple. Then shoot once the light has dropped.

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Sean Shimmel's picture

This Wednesday batch was especially compelling. From the punchy allure in the fitness video (but what was the lighting equipment/setup... any guesses/ideas? ) to the clean, breezy ease with the pre-wedding shoot (where composition was king)

Pretty anorexic looking models used to promote fitness. These type of shoots should use more athletic models like actual athletes.  Not the photographer's choice I'm sure.  The shoot quality is good though.