The Wednesday Rundown 9.29.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week I was wondering why people use filters on their lenses.  The main purpose I have seen is protection, but after stumbling across some amazing IR images I thought I would try to discover the other options. Most of the techniques are for landscape photography but don't let that stop you from trying some stuff out.

Polarizing Filters:

This is a very informal video covering the basic uses of a polarizing filter. It does get the point across.

Infrared Photography:

This video shows you a shoot done with a camera that has been modified to shoot infrared. However I believe you can do the same with an infrared filter and converting the image to black and white.

Graduated ND Filter:

Very short video on using a graduated ND filter. Pretty cool trick to do some in camera editing.

Landscape ND Filter:

This video is a critique on a photo shot with a ND filter. Pretty good video to get some ideas from and really learn how this photo was composed.

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Infrared Photography vid
- this can be shot with an infrared filter, but because it's so dense you'd need a tripod and few second exposure. Composing also must be done without the filter.

Whole idea of IR converting your camera (as opposed to using IR filter), is to shoot from hand, and freezing moving subjects (like walking couple).

Jerrit, could you make the Wednesday Rundown Graphic clickable to the whole article. I can't tell you how many times I've tried clicking it with a "Do'h!" I think it'd just be the intuitive thing. Can't wait till next wednesday's roundup. You guys have by far created my most visited website. Wheres a google ad so I can give you guys some support?

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Mario thanks for the insight. That would make the conversion worth it.

Stefan, I have fixed the image, I had it as a link for a bit, probably missed cut and pasted. Thanks for the comments, the link at the top "support us" is a link to B&H. Anything you purchase through that link helps us out.

Thanks again guys.