Re-Watch the Fstoppers Workshops Spreecast Here!

Re-Watch the Fstoppers Workshops Spreecast Here!

With over 100 students spanning 20 different countries, the first ever Fstoppers Workshops was a HUGE success. Join us this Sunday at 3pm Eastern (NYC time) as we recap some of the most interesting moments, catch up with newly made friends, and start taking suggestions for next year's event! Lee and I will be hosting the video chat and who knows what famous photographers will pop in to answer some of your questions. This is open to anyone and we look forward to seeing everybody again!



Here is a recap of the entire Spreecast....Fast forward to about 7 minutes to skip all the technical difficulties.

Thanks Murtaza Ali Sirajuddin‎ and Tomás Arthuzzi for this awesome light painting!


Peter's Sail Nassau Excursion Group

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Had a blast during the workshop! Amazing learning experience!

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Watching it :)