[Contest] Win the Art Behind the Headshot on Facebook

Our instructional DVD, The Art Behind the Headshot, has been critically acclaimed over and over (read the SLR Lounge review here) and now is another chance to get your hands on a copy. We're giving away one in our Facebook Group.

For those of you who don't yet have a copy, we released another free lesson from the DVD last week:

Excited yet? You should be. To enter to win, follow the steps below:

1) Join the Fstoppers Facebook Group.
2) Upload your best white-background headshot (underexposed white or pure white), and make sure to write "This is my entry for the Peter Hurley DVD contest" in the description. Entries must be received by Feb 7th.
3) Check back at Fstoppers.com February 8 to see Peter's top picks and, of course, our winner.

We'll narrow down the top five photos based on a mix of lighting prowess, potential, and overall aesthetic. Your entry cannot be a self portrait- We want to see how your interaction with the model produces a unique image.

This time, the winner needs to impress the Fstoppers of the world, and we're leaving the final decision in all of their very capable hands. So what are you waiting for? Upload your entry to our Fstoppers Facebook Group. Good luck!

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Is there any restriction on how many photos per person that can be entered?

Jaron @ FStoppers's picture

I didn't make one, so technically no. Just don't spam me :)

Are black and white photos okay to post?

I couldn't upload a file... Had to request permission to join.


Does it half to be a lit white background?  Or can it be toned to a medium grey by not shooting light at it directly?

So you're awarding this to the person that needs it the least???  Ha ha

Eric Fialkowski's picture

Are there special rules/restrictions for joining the Facebook group or just need to ask?