These Are Our Favorite Fstoppers Logos From The Contest

These Are Our Favorite Fstoppers Logos From The Contest

The Fstoppers Logo contest has ended and after over 1500 submissions I can say that I believe all possible avenues have been explored. Both Patrick and I went through every single logo one by one separately and we narrowed them down to our favorite 17. Check out the full post to see our best options and vote on your favorites.

Try to look at each of the logos before with fresh eyes. If you truly believe that number 18 (our current logo) is the best, I want to know, but please don't vote for it just because you recognize it. I have my list of favorites already but I don't want to reveal them at this point. I want to hear what you guys think.

Below please pick your favorite 3 logos. I want to be make it completely clear that the winner of this poll WILL NOT automatically win this contest. We are simply interested in seeing what you guys have to say.


To keep the comments below organized please only reply to my comments below, do not create your own thread.

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Reply to this comment to discuss logo number 1

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So far number 1 is ahead. I love to hear from you guys why you like this one so much and for those of you who don't like, I'd also like to hear why.

I like this logo because its clean and simple. You aren't a graphic design firm to have a complex logo. Simplicity sometimes is better.

Why I don't like it? Makes fstoppers look like an Adobe product.

Think 1 is my fav probably, but can def see the Adobe comparison

I don't dislike this logo, although I do find it hard to read the "f" as an "f" if I wasn't aware of the site to begin with.

I think the logo lettering needs to match the text of the site name spelled out below, which makes me lean away from this one. I think the logo is really cool and clean looking, but the site name following seems dissonant from the logo and doesn't appear to belong.

#1 is hard to look at for me. The little blur in the middle messes with my eyes. Makes me want to try to focus, but just want to look away.

I like this one, but I don't see the point in the light grey area in the middle of the "S"

Definitely one of the best, but the light grey area looks like a blur and needs to go..

#2 I really like this logo but I think the grey
box on the s may make the logo hard to manipulate.

When i look at one, i think of an image that has been blown up to see the pixels. that one sqaure of gray just makes the entire logo and what FStoppers is about. MY VOTE

Favorite one. By far I think. As of this comment, number 3 is leading and it wasn't even in my top 3. Number 1 is clean, simple, modern and easy to read. Complex enough to be clever, yet simple in design. I could go with or without the grey square in the S. I see why the designer did it though in order to create separation for the F. Wonder if a space for seperation would be more well received.

Number 1 is very difficult to extract but in the long run, if we keep staring at it for more than 1 minute (though a symbol must be directly recognized) I found that it might represent the inner box of a digital cam...maybe...? but it took me too long.

#11 showed some potential but the S sticks out too much which defeats the purpose of highlighting the F more.

#10 is not bad but can't really tell if the f is first or last in the design

Most of teh other s I ahve seen before...some looks close to airline designs while some are really not cutting it. #18 is a def's nice to see something that would speak more about what you do while still showing a branding effect of your business. I would have tried my hand at this but it seems the contest is over.