Make your SB-800 better in under 10 minutes

I actually made a video about this over a year ago when I had no clue how to use Premiere. I also didn't have and wireless mics so I edited the whole video in movie maker and everyone who saw it said they couldn't hear me over the music. So we decided to reshoot it with our fancy D300s cameras, Sennheiser Mics, and Adobe Premiere. Hopefully you can understand me now, because I am not going to do this again.

Nikon SB-800 SB800 Flash Rotation Mod Modification SB 800 from FStoppers on Vimeo.

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Philip Vukelich's picture

I have an unmodified Nikon SB800 speedlight sitting in my hands right now and I am able to turn the head entirely around. If you turn it one direction, it will stop at only 90 degrees, but if you turn it the opposite direction, it will turn all the way around without any modifications necessary. Am I missing something, or are you? Also, do you shoot with an SB800 and a soft box for main lights when doing studio work?

Lee Morris's picture

Most of the time I don't want it to go backwards. I want it to be 45 degrees when I take vertical images when I turn the camera left. You could turn the camera right but not if you have a vertical grip. I use the 800 in a softbox outside, not in the studio.

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm not even sure how you would turn the camera right to make a vertical image even without the grip. That seems really awkward. The hotshoe will always be to your left and if you want the light to come from above and behind you have to do this mod. Firing the flash directly behind you will produce flat but soft lighting. Usually you want some sort of modeling and shadows and so light from above and behind you creates a little bit of shadows on the face which is good. Hope that makes sense Philip

Philip Vukelich's picture

Thanks so much. I totally see what you mean now. You guys are amazing, and it's so convenient that I found guys like you doing great work with equipment I own, (I have a D300s as well), and then are willing to share the process with everyone. Our goals of creating both stunning photographs and progressing into video are remarkably coinciding. Keep it up!

At first glance, it appears as this will also work with my lower budget SB-600. Here we go.....

Hey Garry - did it work with your sb-600 ? Or does anybody else know ?

wondering if this would work with the yn565ex...