New RED Monochrome Video Beast

New RED Monochrome Video Beast

Even if we’ve barely been able to set our eyes on one, we still all love the RED camera, don’t we? Well RED just announced a new monochrome-only version...

Just as with the Leica M, the Epic-M Monochrome will have a newly developed Mysterium X Monochrome sensor that has an overall higher resolution than its color brother because every pixel can be used for light-sensing.

The camera will feature a native ASA of 2000 and will be available for an October 1st shipment with preorders taking place Monday on the RED site. Price? A not-so-cool $42,000, brain only. But we kind of expected that, didn't we?

Don't you think the makers of The Artist wish they'd have had this one! In hindsight, I guess they didn't need it... However, David Fincher is reportedly finishing his project on the new camera, according to

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RUSS's picture

ummm, okay.
42k for the inability to shoot video in color...
Well good luck with it...

yeah it's cool.... back in 1901