Nikon DF Camera Images Have Been Leaked

Nikon DF Camera Images Have Been Leaked

The rumored Nikon DF camera with its retro outside and full frame 35mm guts is finally starting to leak. Nikon Rumors posted a few images just minutes ago and then their website went down (possibly due to traffic?). We will be updating this post with camera info as it is received but at this point we only have pictures. The full release of this camera is due tonight or tomorrow. I'm still not completely sold on this camera but I've spoken to someone who has used it and he assured it me it wasn't just "trendy." I'm excited to bring it to our workshop next year because I feel like it may be the ultimate travel camera.  






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This thing looks awesome!!

Oh my! What lovely cameras!

That silver one is sexy as shitttttt.

It looks great but whats inside it that counts. If its a D700 in that I'm in!

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

or D800 :)

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I thought I read somewhere it had D4 guts but I'm not sure if that's true.

they don't want to make a mistake of D700 (stopping sales of D3) so this has 1/4000 and 5.5fps only, and no little flash, and Af system from D600

That would be amazing.

D4 sensor, mostly D600/610 guts otherwise.

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Hipster gonna hate! ;)

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I really hope this has a good price point...because I'm totally sold right now

hate to break it to you bud but it's priced at $2750

If this is real, it's really cool. I have said a few times that Pentax should take the old K1000 and make it a D1000; all manual, but digital.

Just when I was contemplating moving to Sony. Please let this be awesome.

I know, so was I. Well, Fuji actually, x100s.
This timing couldn't be better. Even if it's < side of awesome, I'm buying it, to hell with the price point too.