Want a RED? Get One for a Massive Discount

Want a RED? Get One for a Massive Discount

Normally RED cameras can be purchased from the RED online store for $11,900 USD. However, due to a project where a large number of RED cameras were needed simultaneously for one shot, there are now a limited number of RED cameras that can be purchased at a $5K USD discount. They all have only a few minutes of footage that was ever shot on them. Talk about a deal!

You can grab the cameras for the low LOW price of $7,100 USD at the RED Online Store.

Posted in RED's forums: "I can't tell you much about it.. but we just did a massive project with a need for a pretty special 3 second shot, so they rented a whole truckload of Scarlets from us ... more Scarlets than most people have seen in their lifetime.

None of them had more than a minute of record time. We can't sell them as new.. and the rental was good.. so we are giving you guys a one time break on these as " Battle Tested " Scarlets.

$7100 instead of the regular $11,900. Scarlet Brain, Side SSD and Canon Mount. And because I know someone will ask, you can't swap the mount to a Nikon or PL for this deal.

They come with the standard Battle Tested 90 day warranty.. but we will open up RED ARMOR just on these since we were with them 100% of the time that they were out of the box and are as close to brand new as you can get."

Why are you still reading this? Go pick one up!

[Via NoFilmSchool]

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I would go buy one but the 7k that i keep in my pocket is weighing me down so much iI can't move!

nice rig, I really want to see the final shot!

time to cancel my crew's blackmagic backorder...

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I think they got bought quick, the page doesnt exist now!