fstoppers_potd_Brenizer Levitate Final Web3


“I’ve wanted to try this for a while: a ‘One Light, Levitating, Brenizer, Selfie’:) I took it standing on a chair in the forest at 85mm, f2.2, 1/50 at ISO 800 with a 5DmkII. It’s a Brenizer made up of 12 shots total to give me the wide angle with a shallow depth of field (if you want to find out how to do a Brenizer check out my blog: http://www.seantuckerphotography.co.uk/blog/2013/04/bokeh-panorama.html). I took the center shot on a tripod and then stepped out, removed the light and chair, and took the camera off the tripod to fill in the remaining shots to make up the rest of the images.”- Sean Tucker

Strobist info: The centre shot is lit with a speedlight on my left, on a light stand with a 1m softlighter (silver umbrella with diffusion panel) at 45/45 degrees. Power was set at minimum to match low ambient light.

A bit technical but lots of fun to combine a few different techniques I’ve learnt recently.


  • Richard Cave

    even easier way of doing this shot stand in place on the ground with your arms out, 3 feet in front of you, will be a area of disturbed earth as long as its in the right focal plane of sharpeness as you, it will look like you are levitating. In fact you can do it on a dry pavement, just put some water down to darken the slab with a spot, and it will look like a shadow. Nice photo by the way love the autumn colours!

  • Carol Walker

    Very impressive …well done and keep them coming!

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