Forest Queen

“So idea behind whole shoot is to do a Forest queen who wonders through woods. After a few weeks of planning, designer made a dress and I bought everything that was essential for shoot. We went to lake near Zagreb, Croatia and start shooting. In the end I took out smoke machine to add smoke to picture to get a more dramatic look. I guess many will wonder what equipment is used for final shot. Nikon D700 with 24-120mm F4, Elinchrome Octa 135cm and Ranger RX with A head. Positioning of light was of great importance to achieve more dramatic and dark mood.”- Domagoj Borscak

1/250th, f9, ISO 200


Designer: Katarina Zlebak
MUA: Katarina Zlebak
Hair stylist: Sandra Palcic
Model: Patricia Simic
Assistant: Filip Prlic
Photo/edit: Domagoj Borsca


  • mwaage

    Gorgeous light – wow!

  • Stephen Sherrill

    The lighting on the subject looks unnatural and does not match the lighting of the scene. It makes her look out of place. Check your light level and match the white balance. You’ll like it much better.

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