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Urban Dancer

“This shot is actually from two years ago but it didn’t got much coverage because at that point I had shot for less then a year and not many people knew about my existence as a photographer. I decided to post this image once again because I believe it deserved a lot more exposure.

Planning this shot out was not simple and searching for location actually took more time then find the right model/dancer. Driving around parks to find the best view took me about few weeks and once that was done I contacted friend of my Eriko, who happen to be a great model as well ballet dancer. The park that we shot in called “Fort Tryon Park” right across from GWB which indeed has beautiful views.

During our shoot we really didn’t take long time, I had idea in my head of what the image we were after and Eriko did amazing with posing exactly that. For this shot I used only natural light and reflector did the job.
I want you to remember that when I took this shot was only starting out and budget was close to nothing -as well my equipment list. Although, with right pieces to puzzle art can be created, and you can be the judge.

The whole concept of “Urban Dancer” came up to me when I tried to mix and match different ideas. Most images of ballerinas I have seen, are in studio, theater, etc. and I never seen skyline of a city when a dancer is main focus.” - Bora Images Photography


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