Antarctic Summerscape

“Back in January of 2009, my father (Tom Hassler) and I went on an amazing photography trip to the Antarctic Peninsula along with a group of other photographers, including Seth Resnick, Thomas Knoll, John Paul Caponigro, and Michael Reichmann just to name a few. We spent about 2 weeks traveling there, shooting the most beautiful place on Earth, and traveling back to my then home of Portland Oregon. My dad and I are now putting together images for a book, this is one of my recently added images to the selection.

The greatest thing about the whole experience is being able to look back through my thousands upon thousands of frames and finding new keepers every time. My eye has changed and matured a lot in the last 4 and a half years. I keep finding more shots that I like that I simply passed over the first time around. This shot, and in fact the entire group of images from my trip, are special for me because not only did I get a unique and awesome opportunity to see and shoot the most remote and mind blowing place on the planet, but I got to do that side by side with my father, which makes it that much sweeter.”- Nate Hassler

Location: Antartctic Peninsula
Canon EOS 1DS Mark III
24-105mm f4 (@105mm)
ISO 200


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