Dynamic Target Tracking Camera Can Follow Fast Moving Objects

When I first saw this video, my jaw was hanging open. This new dynamic target tracking camera is absolutely outstanding, capable of following extremely fast moving objects as well as able to project images on fast moving objects. It's something out of science fiction, and I love it.

"Ordinarily, to change the direction a camera faces, you move the camera mechanically. But in this system, it's not the camera that moves, it's the mirrors. This makes it possible to change where you're looking really quickly. In this demonstration, we're tracking a table tennis ball. The ball moves extremely fast, but this system can keep compensating for the ball's motion, so the ball stays in the middle of the image."

high speed camera 2

high speed camera 3

high speed camera 1

This device consists of two mirrors for pan and tilt, and a group of lenses that can be controlled down to the millisecond. Each of the mirrors can move independently so that it can continue to follow high speed objects accurately regardless of the size of the actual camera used.

Oh, and like I mentioned earlier, it can project images onto those fast moving objects as well.

Amazing. Thanks to Sandro for the tip!

For more, check out diginfo.tv.

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mind = blown!

So cool.


yea its cool until they implement it into a HUMAN KILLING ROBOT. let see you try and get away from that.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Oh snap.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Ugh! Its liking playing against a perfect sim in Perfect Dark on N64. Anyone?!

Is it sad I used to play perfect sims 10 on 1 at one point in my young life? Oh, how times changes.

JOE DDD's picture

ya only one use for that a, "DEFENSE SYSTEM" with a first strike(OFFENSIVE) capability, they'll call it....

WOW! I wonder if they could apply such a concept of using mirrors to for image stabilization in video cameras much like what the MoVI does.

Now we're talking!

The MoVI can also correct for shift (parallax) and tilt, this only does panning. I can't see how you would use mirrors to correct for roll (not that in-lens IS does this, but the MoVI does).

That is pretty rad.

It is not the spoon that bends...

mind is blown!! Pew!

Andrew Griswold's picture

Dude! I am always floored by technological advances like this, so amazing to see small groups coming up with unreal progress in this world when you think there isn't room more improvement. Great post!!

God just imagine the kickoff in football. Soccer and tennis matches would be really cool with this.