[Video] Shooting Bullet Time Video In The Ocean With 30 GoPros

I think this video has now been submitted to us about 5 times and we have simply been slow to post it. Rip Curl and TimeSlice, partners in the overall development, used 30 GoPro HD video cameras to freeze an infinite number of moments that could be viewed. The major benefit being a better way of catching all the performance surfing the Rip Curl team riders were doing, rather than just a fraction of it.

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30 Go Pros at 299 each thats a 30K Camera rig... Dirt Cheap to create production like this. 

Let's Go DSLR's picture

30 x 300 is 9000.

They had to make a small curve it in and the effect would be 2 time as cool!

Still very very impressive!

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this technology was already utilized in Gymkhana 4.