Fstoppers is Giving Away a Free Canon, Sony, or Nikon Flagship Digital Camera Worth $3900

UPDATE:  Winner Announced HERE! Yep, the title pretty much says it all.  Fstoppers has teamed up with our good friends at SLR Lounge and BH Photo for the mack daddy contest of them all!  At the end of this month, one of our lucky readers will win their pick of the top high megapixel professional cameras offered by Nikon, Sony, and Canon. There are 6 different ways to enter and if you do all 6 you can gain up to 14 individual entries.  We have the juicy details in the full postbelow.

Recently we sent out a funny tweet asking what you what we should do with these three cameras, and many of you suggested we give them away.  Well ask and you shall receive!  It's been a while since we have run a contest this big, and since the summer is over we figured we should end it with a bang.  As mentioned above, we are teaming up with the SlrLounge, BH Photo, and Cloud Spot to give away the winner's choice of a Canon 5DS R, Nikon D810, or Sony a7RII. These three cameras are the three hottest cameras on the market and produce the highest quality images offered by any of the Big Three camera brands.  


The Prize

The winner of this contest will get to choose their choice of one of the following cameras (Body Only), shipped from B&H:

So How Do I Enter?

In the past we have run contests through all sorts of social media platforms.  For this contest we are simplifying the process even more by offering 5 unique was to enter.  If you sign up for a free account with Cloud Spot (a killer photo sharing site for professional photographers) or watch our latest Fstoppers Landscape tutorial video, you can gain 5 entries for each.  If you do any of the other entries, you can gain an additional chance to win.  It's pretty simple stuff and if you do all 6 entries, you will actually get your name placed in the random drawing 14 times!  

The entry form is below.  Keep in mind, the number of people entered could be 1/14th the total entry number below so your odds of winning are not 1/total entries.  

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

This contest is open to anyone of any age.  The only way to enter is through the entry form above (or the one on SLR Lounge's site).  The contest is open internationally, however, additional shipping and customs costs will apply for international winners. The contest is void where prohibited. All entries must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on October 2nd.  

We are extremely excited to be able to give away one of these cameras, and stay tuned because Fstoppers will be releasing the most unique review pitting all three of these cameras against each other.  


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Anonymous's picture

Well, it doesn't hurt to try...

Christopher Lin's picture

Awesome! Those cameras are amazing.

Fritz Asuro's picture

Oh finally something that is not "US / Canada only"

Lane House's picture

If you don't like contests being open to residents in the US or Canada only, try frequenting sites that operate and cater to your local country.

Lauchlan Toal's picture

Ah, I picked the wrong time to start writing for SLRlounge! Haha, great giveaway guys.

Yury Grechkin's picture

Cool!!!!! I want the Canon!!!!!!!

Chris Adval's picture

Patrick, what if we already subscribed to the youtube channels, do we unsubscribe then re-subscribe to enter those?

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm not sure, you could try that

Cyrille Lauzon's picture

Just entering the page logged in with my youtube/google account and then going back to the fstoppers site worked fine for me.

Emilie Tournevache's picture

Can't wait for the review !!! :D

Camilo Márquez's picture

Best giveaway ever :)

Jeff Lohne's picture

This is very awesome of you fstoppers. Going to be some happy members around these parts soon... good luck everyone....

Caylem Harris's picture

Definitely no harm in trying! Good luck everyone!

Darren McNeill's picture

I wonder if you have to do all 14 entries to qualify........

Areej Abdilkarim's picture

WOW that's crazy in in love, its one of my dreams to have a camera like that and start my obsession with photography in a professional way but cant afford it unfortunately.. good luck everybody. and yeah my birthday is this month it would be nice to have a bday gift like that :))

Md. Tafsirul Alam's picture

An Awesome giveaway...Thanks to "Fstopper"
These are kickass camera. But i am the "Nikon" guy!!!

Christian Cardona's picture


Brian MacLochlainn's picture

just wondering does Fs sell or does anyone else sell of the email addresses they get from running this competition? Just started getting some new junk mail in my previously clean email account

Olafs Osh's picture

Went with 13 entries, as sharing ANY competition on Facebook I consider spam. I don't like, that others do it and won't do it myself. Go me!

Deepak Sharma's picture

Best camera 2015 a7rm2

Gal Adrian's picture

This is amazing! Thanks guys....and i hope i have a chance to win. Keep up the good work

Emil Vazquez's picture

What an awesome contest and great opportunity this is! It will be a hard one for the winner to decide between 3 amazing cameras. Thank you Fstoppers!

Anonymous's picture

I love all the three gears but I would choose Nikon D810. I'm from Kenya.

iwona antoniak's picture


Spencer Bentley's picture

I am most definitely in!

Ivan Ivanisevic's picture

Do you send to Croatia? Thanks! :)

Shreeni Rao's picture

Wouldn;t mind the Sony :)

Taylor Robinson's picture

In it to win it! Good luck everyone!

Tim Stone's picture

Come to me A7r mkii. Got to be in to win as they say.

Alan Skyy's picture

If I win I may pass out from the excitement,....... I'll have to film that.

Zenza Rino's picture

me, too... :) When do they announce the winner?

Bobby Azuka-Okocha's picture

Finally my chance to own a proper camera. I pray I win this

Igor Jovanovic's picture

This is awesome of you fstoppers :) . Good luck everyone :)

Shivendra Lal's picture

How to upload the photos? Please guide.

Angelyn Love's picture

Man, I would love that Nikon. Hope I'm one of the lucky ones. Good luck everyone.

eshard karim's picture

the canon calls me, i have been hearing its calls in my sleep and now i am here.. even the gods know which mortal is worthy of this light capturing hammer. :D

Livia Costa's picture

Very nice. Haven't tried a Nikon yet. ;)

Ronan Mallejac's picture

Hope for the canon one

Popo Muhammad Yadi's picture

Pretty Cool....

The Best Give Away :):)


Phongphanich Limprasutr's picture

Thank you for good contest....

Eric Mazzone's picture

Video won't "complete" so I can click continue even though I've watched it three times! Please give me the five entries for completing this video!

Marvin Holloway's picture

Worth a shot!

David Rimbach's picture

Well, it's worth a try :D
I'd take that Canon!!! ;)

Alexander Hartley's picture

Gimme one of those A7R II's !

Julio C's picture

My camera just broke, I never win anything... but try doesnt hurt.... its Free!

Jason Woods's picture

I put the A7RII in my Wish List on B&H like 4 days ago, I just hope 13 (entries) is a lucky number.

Magno Daniel's picture

It would be amazing to win the new Canon to replace my old Canon 600D. Good Luck Me!!

Sunil Kumar Singh's picture

See this also https://cloudspot.uservoice.com/forums/291279-general/suggestions/826590... & there is also one thing whenever i install it keyboard stops working

Sunil Kumar Singh's picture

its a difficult choice, i might go for Sony A7R II

Anthony Crespo's picture

very thankful to be allowed an opportunity like this. where is the review I can't wait to see it!!

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