And the Winner of the High Megapixel Camera Giveaway Is...

And the Winner of the High Megapixel Camera Giveaway Is...

Last month Fstoppers teamed up with SLR Lounge and BH Photo for an exciting camera giveaway. If you missed the entry post, basically we were giving one lucky winner their choice between the Nikon D810, Sony A7RII, and the Canon 5DsR high megapixel cameras. Yesterday we released our own review of all three of these cameras and today we are excited to announce the winner of a brand new camera!

I know everyone has been patiently waiting for this announcement and we are excited to announce that the random winner is Chris Barclay out of Longview, Washington.  




For the last few days we have tried to get in touch with Chris to surprise him over the phone LIVE but unfortunately our detective skills aren't as good as we thought (our entry system didn't ask for a phone number).  So Chris, if you are reading this online, congratulations!  Please email us from the email you used to enter the contest and we will have BH ship you a brand new high megapixel camera of your choice!

We hope everyone enjoyed this contest, and if you missed out on this contest, hopefully we will have another similar one soon. For those who didn't win, check out our review video below and maybe we can put a smile on your face.



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Daniel Rodriguez's picture

Congrats Chris!

Isaac Quesenberry's picture

Congratulations Chris!

Michael Kormos's picture

Hey that's great! Thanks for the update Patrick. Chris is actually a close friend of mine. He's currently traveling overseas with no access to e-mail, but he advised me before he left you can leave his prize with me. I'll contact you shortly with my shipping address. Congrats again Chris!

Howling Wolf's picture

I am Michael Kormos' doctor and he suffers from rare condition where he believes everyone is his friend and everyone should mail things to him. I have been appointed to receive all Michael's mail. Will send you my address soon.

Patrick Hall's picture

Ah Dr. Howling Wolf, so great to see you are an Fstoppers Fan. I had no idea. I'm actually scheduled for a checkup next Monday at your office so I'll just pick up the camera from you then. Oh and my buddy Guy says hi, he's the one who referred me to your office.

Markus Nissa's picture

Pfeww ! At last i feel better ! I had so much stress about how i could have even buy the dedicated lens to fit on such a dream machine........good luck and congrats Chris !

Scott Mosley's picture

Congrats Chris! dibs on the other two cameras :)

Sean Cooper's picture

Hey Patrick, you spelled "Sean Cooper" wrong

Chris Demadura's picture

Oh god I got so excited when I saw my name (Chris) then suddenly sad when I saw a different last name. Also I live really close to longview too!

Kyle Hall's picture

Womp Womp.

Congrats to the winner.

j.d. hunter's picture


Charles Diaz's picture

Congrats Chris!!!

Areej Abdilkarim's picture

Congratulations Chris :) hope you enjoy it :)

pramod jois's picture

Congrats Chris and fstoppers why cant u giveaway the rest 2 camera ? because we cant afford cameras .

Patrick Hall's picture

If we gave everyone a camera we would be bankrupt. We only bought one camera, the other 2 were just options

Anonymous's picture

Kudos for a great camera shootout-review. Judging by sheer size, you should have turned baby turtle into mama turtle on a egg laying mission using ping pong balls to simulate the wonders of nature.

Deleted Account's picture

Congrats, Chris!

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

Mate you got big hands indeed! :D

Stefanos Papadopoulos's picture

Congrats Chris!!!

Musa Killins's picture

Congrats and enjoy, Chris!

michael buehrle's picture

i had breakfast with chris today and he said just send it to me and i'll pass it along to him. he is a private guy and didn't wanna fuss.

Bobby Azuka-Okocha's picture

Congratulations Chris, If you got an old camera you want to let go off, you can send to me. Congratulations Chris and thanks Fstoppers

Chris Barclay's picture

Hey Patrick and the whole fstoppers team!
Just want to give an official THANK YOU and a shoutout to SLR Lounge. I'm so happy you were able to locate me! I'm very excited to be receiving a brand new 5DS R!

It almost seems too good to be true!

Patrick Hall's picture

Congrats Chris. I believe the guys at SLR Lounge are shipping the camera you choose...have you gotten in touch with them? If not, email me the info at and I'll take care of it. Congrats again

Dede Vidal's picture

Grats to Chris! If you don't want it, let me know...just kidding. Enjoy in good health :D