Clay Cook's Light Stands and Tripods

Manfrotto 420B Combi Boom StandManfrotto 420B Combi Boom Stand

The best part about this boom is that it can function as a normal light stand or a boom stand. The boom arm allows you to place lights above your subject without having the stand in the shot. 

Avenger C-Stand Grip Arm KitAvenger C-Stand Grip Arm Kit

C-stands are particularly useful as they allow for sandbags to be placed over the legs to give equipment an extra layer of security. The legs fold up to keep the stands from taking up too much space. 

Avenger D520LB 40" Extension ArmAvenger D520LB 40" Extension Arm

This arm allows you to not only extend lights from your stands, but also allows you to attach flags or diffusion fabric as well. 

3 Legged Thing X5 Frank Evolution 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod3 Legged Thing X5 Frank Evolution 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod

These tripods are lightweight, mobile, and pack down very well for travel. 

Benro S8 Pro Video Head and A3573F Series 3 AL TripodBenro S8 Pro Video Head and A3573F Series 3 AL Tripod

This tripod is lightweight, travel friendly, and is perfect for run and gun type cinematography projects. 

Benro MAD49C Adventure Series 4 Carbon Fiber MonopodBenro MAD49C Adventure Series 4 Carbon Fiber Monopod

Rather than having lights attached to big light stands on location, handing your assistants this monopod allows them to change a lights positioning quickly and efficiently.

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