Video Shows Moments Leading up to Woman Being Gored by Bison as She Tries to Take Pictures of It

Footage has been released showing the moments leading up to an incident in which a 72-year-old woman from California was getting close to a bison at Yellowstone National Park in order to try to take a picture of it. The woman ended up being airlifted to a nearby hospital after the bison gored her as she tried to take photos.

WCCO now has footage provided to the by the Larsen family, who were staying next to the woman in question. Recalling the build-up to the attack, the family recalled to reporters that the woman persisted in approaching the animal and that she paid no mind to early signs it was becoming distressed and gearing up to attack. One member of the family recalls:

The lady got way too close; she just kept provoking the bison. She was trying to reach her hand out and pet the thing.

The newly released video shows the woman getting within a few feet of the bison, as her husband looks on and takes photos. Before long, the bison charged at her, throwing her in the air, before launching a second attack once she got up.

Jodi Larsen, of the family who watched on, is a nurse and tended to the woman until medics arrived. The woman was airlifted to an Idaho hospital, where she has since been released.

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Charles J's picture

I hope that woman is okay. Many animals at Yellowstone are accustomed to proximity since humans are viewed as non-predatory. But this doesn't mean it's okay to engage. Enjoy them from afar.

Damon Steinke's picture

Play stupid stupid prizes. I have ZERO sympathies for this woman! She should go back to her city folk life and leave the animals alone.

Michelle Maani's picture

City folk don't take precautions with big wildlife, country folk don't take precautions with viral particles.

Boy W Camera's picture

I was solo camping on Catalina Island, California enjoying a sleety but peaceful winter night atop a picnic table at a remote campground. I was snorted awake by a bison looking me in the face.

A whole herd of them were ambling through the camp. I remained my calm and unperturbable self and went back to sleep.

I'm glad I followed an old prospector's advice and was sleeping on that picnic table.

I have had deer snort me awake in the middle of the night. I think they do that to determine if you are a threat or not. Who me? No way.

Spy Black's picture

Not exactly footage of the woman being gored by the bison now is it?

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

"Moments Leading up to"

Michelle Maani's picture

I've seen people approach elk and sea lions to try to get photos with their cellphones. I blame Disney for making wildlife seem sweet and cuddly.