Video of Siberian Tigers Taking Down a Low-Flying Drone

If you love using a drone, then you might want to watch this video from behind the sofa as one is caught then destroyed by a pack of tigers. Tigers: 1, Drone: 0.

In this recent video from CCTV+ we see how the staff at Harbin Siberian Tiger Park in China use drones to exercise the big cats they have. Unfortunately it wasn't the drone operator's day as the tigers quite easily took the flying machine straight out of the sky.

The inquisitive beasts soon surround the drone and make quick work of disabling it. Shortly after we see large plumes of smoke coming from the back of the machine which scares the tigers away. It's unclear why they are filming from the drone if the purpose of the flight was just to exercise the animals, but I guess I would have hit record too.

On a serious note, many in the wildlife community consider Harbin Siberian Tiger Park as a tiger farm and this is something which I personally do not support or condone. That aside, it's fascinating to see the application of drones continue to increase in popularity. When used correctly they really do allow us to see the world through very different eyes.

As always, please fly drones responsibly. If you were thinking about using your drone to exercise your family pet then maybe look for something a lot less expensive like a tennis ball or a good old fashioned stick.

[via DIYP]

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Hehe...I'm going to teach my big tabby Fudge to catch those annoying little ones...

Me too! Also, any opportunity to share cat pics.

Aww...what fine 🐱🐱...I do adore tabbies :)

Haha like it! More cat pictures the better : )

Great shot is that a cat wheel Nick?

Absolutely it is! The cats are Bengal, so require a lot of energy burn. Thanks for kind comment too :)

Oh wow I haven't seen a cat wheel before, will investigate. Thanks for the tip Nick. Keep shooting!

Thanks for the info. I made it very clear where I stand on the matter.