Sony Creating Technology to Allow Blinking Your Eyes to Capture Photographs

Imagine a world where a simple blink will simply freeze time; where the amount of blinks you take are the amount of photos captured. Well Sony is making this possible with their new patent of  camera lens contacts. Yes a contact lens that enables us to just blink and captures the moment. The images may be individual still photographs or sequences of images, depending on your blinks. This might be straight out of a movie like "Mission Impossible" or "Minority Report," but the future seems to be around the corner for this kind of technology.  

This technology will allow users to have zoom in and out capabilities including a feature that we all want from our lenses, an image stabilizer. For me, this is difficult to grasp due to the fact that it's a new technology. There are definitely some questions that pop up in mind like, "How do we change lenses?"  or "How much zoom do I have?" or even "How do you charge this device?" I also wonder how much resolution such a device would have. But I know for sure that I won't trade my prime lenses for this just yet. Regardless of what questions you might have, the technology is possible. What do you think? 

[via CNBC]

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Isaac Alvarez is a Los Angeles-based photographer. His work is a reflection of contemporary/cinematic. While his images are often on the edge of any situation, photographing the situation is not nearly as interesting as photographing the edges of human emotions.

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The stupidity at its best. Anyway, my robot will be checking all my social media accounts.

Imagine this as a contact lens. This is insane.

All the worries of the loss of privacy with Google Glass, just got worse.

Given the amount of times one blinks in a minute the task of editing is about to erupt into gargantuan proportions.