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Tips on Different Filters for Photographers

Whether you're a travel photographer or you specialize in portraits, there are different filters for different clickers. I find that using filters helps your overall mood for your photos. From protective filters all the way to UV filters, I myself have problems identifying which is which. Going to the store is simple, but when you're waiting for help and not knowing how to ask the questions about filters, that's a whole different story. Here's a quick guide on different filters and how they work.

The SanDisk iXpand Memory Case Packs on More Storage for iPhones

From apps, to storing photos and movies, we are constantly wanting more and more memory space. This is an era where technology is getting better at capturing images and videos. With our smartphones capturing photos at 10 megapixels and videos with a maximum resolution of 4K, we are at the brink of storage wars. I have a constant battle with this issue and I already have an 64 GB iPhone 6s Plus. SanDisk will be coming out with a case that will soon solve every creative's problem: more storage.

Behind the Scenes of Felix Hernandez's Fine Art Concept 'The Wardrobe'

Photographer Felix Hernandez has done it again. If the name doesn't ring a bell then you might know him by his amazing miniature photography such as "The Love Car" or his "The Crow & The Dove." These projects has been floating around on the Internet, and we have an exclusive on his new project called "The Wardrobe."

Photographer Steve Brown Recreates 'The Last Supper' Using Star Wars Characters

From Star Wars to Rogue One, we just can't get enough of this series as it continues on to the new generation. I know that I myself can't get enough of the Star Wars saga, let alone the numerous examples of fan art out there, including photography concepts. Photographer Steve Brown has created an amazing Last Supper with The Emperor, Darth Vader, and Imperial Stormtroopers. The final image just blew my mind. From sketching, planning, and retouching the final product, we bring to you the step by step tutorial on how he created this masterpiece.

Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part Two)

Awakening your creative mind can be a challenge, but from my previous article "Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part One)" I hope that these challenges are helping you overcome your creative rut. Sometimes it's hard to spot simple things and sometimes you just don't have that drive to take that photo. There are tons of options to sharpen you creative skills, but I find these challenges relaxing. Here are some more added challenges for you to continue.

Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part One)

Like I've said before, being creative or simply having to create, is one of the biggest assets you can have in this era. Being creative doesn't mean you always have the juices flowing in your body. Sometimes, we get into a rut. I know some of you have fallen into that black hole where it feels like you can't seem to get out. Trust me, we can all use a jump-start from time to time. Creatives can always use a new method to refresh their minds.

'Game of Thrones' Intro Recreated Using Time-Lapse of Mold

How would you feel if photographer Nick Lariontsev took the "Game of Thrones" intro song and replaced the sequence with his own time-lapse footage of fungi and mold? Let me tell you it would be awesome. I can definitely watch this over and over again.

Sony Creating Technology to Allow Blinking Your Eyes to Capture Photographs

Imagine a world where a simple blink will simply freeze time; where the amount of blinks you take are the amount of photos captured. Well Sony is making this possible with their new patent of camera lens contacts. Yes a contact lens that enables us to just blink and captures the moment. The images may be individual still photographs or sequences of images, depending on your blinks. This might be straight out of a movie like "Mission Impossible" or "Minority Report," but the future seems to be around the corner for this kind of technology.


Peter Stewart is an internationally published photographer that specialized in travel and fine art photography. To understand how to take awesome scenery photos, you must know the three basic qualities of light: intensity, direction, and color. Check out how a master does his work.

Mixed Light Basketball Portraits by Erik Christian

Photographer Erik Christian, based in Hudson Valley, NY, created athletic portraits using continuous lights and strobes. He recently shot a series of mixed light portraits for a local newspaper that annually features their local high school basketball all-stars. He decided to shoot the team much more creatively than past portrait sessions.


With great photography comes great responsibility. Taking photos can be fun, yet challenging at times, especially when you hit a creative rut. Remember, you don't need the most expensive camera or years of experience to have fun and create amazing images.


You might find today very interesting for Instagram. It seems like everyone on your feed is posting a hefty range of different photos telling you to "turn on notifications" on their feed. If you missed Andrew's regarding Instagram changes, check it out to find out the latest on how Instagram handles feeds. Changes will definitely be happening whether you like it or not. But is that something to worry about?


There is such a lot of talk going around about branding. But what exactly is your brand, and how do you use it to help you reach a wider audience and market your photography? Your brand is the core of your marketing, the central theme around your photography. Your brand is not your logo or your company name, unless of course you are Apple or Nike.

Tips That Can Help Define Your Techniques

Want to be an awesome pro photographer just like Annie Leibovitz, Dan Winters, or even the next Ansel Adams? Here are a few tips that can enhance your techniques. From what I've learned in the past, the one tip that all photographers share is "practice makes perfect." Remember, don't practice until you get it right; practice until you can't get it wrong. When I feel that creative rut creeping in, I just remind myself of that phrase.


If this is your first time buying a digital camera and you are just starting out your foray into digital photography, it is understandable for you to be a little baffled when choosing what to buy for your first digital camera. I remember starting my photography career with a Canon S2 point and shoot and two generic lamps from IKEA, shooting product photography for a startup company.


Being creative or simply having the ability to create on demand is one of the biggest assets you can have in this era. The question is "how do we unlock or keep creativity flowing?" The main steps you need to keep in mind are simple.


Jeremy Cowart is a household name in the photography industry. Recently Jeremy was classified as one of the 30 most influential photographers on the web by the Huffington Post. After studying graphic design, he continued on to become a well-known celebrity photographer. We all know him from famous photos of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and even the Kardashians. But who is Jeremy Cowart? And what motivates him to be a photographer, an artist, and a humanitarian?

Fstoppers Interviews Photographer Victoria Will, Creator of Captivating 'Moving Portraits'

Even if you've never heard of Victoria Will, you probably have seen her awesome moving portraits of celebrities. These captivating images give a new take on celebrity portraits. Some might say they are simply amazing, but others might give a different opinion. We sat down with Victoria to give you this exclusive interview and discussed the inspiration behind these images.

How to Be a Great Photographer's Assistant

Are you thinking of becoming an assistant? Trust me; assisting can be brutal, yet it can be exciting as well. It really depends on who you assist. Working in this role is the best way to gain lots of experience, especially when you're working your way to becoming a professional photographer. Working closely with a professional gives you valuable insights on equipment, processes, and techniques.