Behind the Scenes of Felix Hernandez's Fine Art Concept 'The Wardrobe'

Photographer Felix Hernandez has done it again. If the name doesn't ring a bell then you might know him by his amazing miniature photography such as "The Love Car" or his "The Crow & The Dove." These projects has been floating around on the Internet, and we have an exclusive on his new project called "The Wardrobe."

"The Wardrobe" is based on a dream concept and Hernandez was able to bring this concept to life. For this project, Hernandez wanted to go as "natural" or "unplugged" as possible by finding new ways to create an image and not depending so much on the postproduction. Hernandez often uses postproduction software like Photoshop to accomplish his concepts. He has done numerous tutorials on adding most of his effects in postproduction. In this case Hernandez wanted to use a different technique and do everything on set. From building his own stone steps to creating fog with dry ice, Hernandez has accomplished minimizing the postproduction work.

It's not just a matter of doing things different, [it] is also a matter of defining yourself.

"The Wardrobe" is not just a simple image, Hernandez took several images and compiled them in postproduction. The main goal was to minimize this postproduction and add it on camera while Hernandez captures the images on hand.

For this shoot Hernandez used a Canon 5D Mark III, a Canon EF 24-105mm, dry ice for the fog, and ambient lighting.

In essence, "The Wardrobe" keeps its own mystery. Everyone has a door that they need to open and eventually you will find what lies beneath your door. What's in your Wardrobe?

All images used with permission.

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Michael Moon's picture

So awesome!

Felix Hernandez's picture

Thanks you Michael!

Arun Hegden's picture

very good. :)

Felix Hernandez's picture

Thanks Arun!

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Excellent as always, Felix has phenomenal work! Very cool BTS. Really inspiring to see the creative process behind it as well. The fact that he used mixed media, sculpting some of the props himself is nothing short of awesome. Very talented and dedicated to his craft, much respect

Isaac Alvarez's picture

Yeah I totally agree

Felix Hernandez's picture

Hi Brian, thank you man!... I think that one of the things a most enjoy is building the scenes for the shooting... I recently started building some of the "props' by my own instead of buying them... and that opens a new door of possibilities for creation!... Y really enjoy it mate!... Saludos.

Christian Berens's picture

impressive and dedicated photographer!

Felix Hernandez's picture

Thanks you Christian!

wesjones's picture

Wow. Just wow. Beautiful work.

Felix Hernandez's picture

Thank you Wes!

Chris Himstedt's picture

I'm blown away.

Felix Hernandez's picture

Hi Chris... glad you like it. Thank you!