Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part Two)

Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part Two)

Awakening your creative mind can be a challenge, but from my previous article "Fstoppers Creative Photography Challenge (Part One)" I hope that these challenges are helping you overcome your creative rut. Sometimes it's hard to spot simple things and sometimes you just don't have that drive to take that photo. There are tons of options to sharpen you creative skills, but I find these challenges relaxing. Here are some more added challenges for you to continue. 


Challenge 7: Over 20

Go somewhere crowded and fit at least twenty people in your photograph without capturing their faces. 

I thought of different ways to hide their faces from blurring it out to photographing from neck below. But I discovered that photographing them in silhouette was the best way to capture this challenge. 


Challenge 8: Just One

Photograph one subject and frame it on your shot. Use the rule of thirds or even master your composition. Just make sure you have one main subject framed just right. 

With this shot I literally looked up and saw this lonely bird chilling. It reminded me of music notes with just one note hanging out.  

Challenge 9: Flying

Photograph a subject that's in the air, it could be anything or anyone. Have your friend jump, or wait for a plane to pass by. 

I saw some seagulls flying right above me and got close to capture this on my iPhone. 

Challenge 10: Color Blend

Find something that has a nice color blend and photograph it to make it work. Train your eye to see what color flows well together. Google some nice color palettes to get some ideas. 

I saw this and instantly I thought of this challenge. These colors really works well together. 

Challenge 11: Change it Up

Try photographing a different genre. For example if you photograph people, try photographing objects; if you photograph food, try to photograph people. Something that your not familiar with or haven't tried yet. 

I took some Stormtrooper figures and made a concept out of it. 


Challenge 12: Single Light Source

Use one light source on a dark environment. Capture lots of shadows and master where the light looks good. For the most part this shot will be eerie. 

I used one light source for this just above his head. 


Challenge 13: Symmetrical

Photograph something symmetrical

I just had to capture this symmetry. This was at a theme park and that ark was a bungee jumper. 


Whether you're creating your own series, crafting a new technique, or aiming to be one of the pros, one single photography truth will always remain: Lighting matters. What differentiates professional photographers from the rest of the photographers out there is the ability to shape light into wonderful, fascinating design, appropriate for the subject and client. Keep in mind that lighting is everything and by practicing these challenges, you can achieve greatness and over come your creative rut. Show us your challenges down below, we would love to see what you have created. 

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Isaac Alvarez is a Los Angeles-based photographer. His work is a reflection of contemporary/cinematic. While his images are often on the edge of any situation, photographing the situation is not nearly as interesting as photographing the edges of human emotions.

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Awesome pics!

Thank You Adam! Now get out there and do the challenges, I would love to see what you come your take on this.

Usually shoot live events (mainly gigs) but I liked the symmetry I saw in this - could possibly do with a slightly better/more accurate crop

This is awesome, I love the symmetry turned black and white. Great job.

thank you