Scan and Backup Prints with Your Phone Using Google's New PhotoScan App

Scan and Backup Prints with Your Phone Using Google's New PhotoScan App

Photos from the past, meet scanner of the future — or so Google claims with the release of their latest photo app called PhotoScan.

Cloud storage is a great thing. I use it for everything from backing up the contacts on my phone to entire photo galleries and important documents. One thing that’s been lacking for those who don’t have access to a traditional photo-scanner, has been the ability to scan and backup printed images you may have acquired in the days prior to digital photography.

What Does PhotoScan Do?

PhotoScan allows users to essentially scan their prints with their phone and back them up via any means they deem appropriate.

The app stitches four separate images of the selected print together to create one glare-free image that's properly cropped, rotated, and enhanced.

What's So Special About That?

Google estimates there are trillions (with a “t”) of printed photographs out there, many of which will be lost or damaged. The most common ways to ensure these images are backed up traditionally involves either sending them off to a company that can scan them for you and return them with high-quality digital files or investing in a scanner to scan them to your computer at home. If all else fails you can take a picture of a print with your cell phone (not recommended), but this presents its own issues which are easily corrected with the PhotoScan app.

Alternative Apps

Google's PhotoScan app isn't the first of its kind. Below are a few links to alternative apps that may help you scan and backup some of your prints:

  • Shoebox from - "Shoebox from is the best way to scan your old paper photos and share them with family and friends."
  • Memories - "Memories is the first and only app that turns your iPhone into a professional photo scanner!"
  • Heirloom - "Fast, beautiful photo scanning for moments we love. Heirloom enables you to preserve moments from your past and share them privately with friends and family in seconds."

You be the judge. Let us know which method works best for you in the comments below.

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I can see this being pretty cool for non-photographic types, as well as being an instant on-hand archiving tool for situations where you may not have access to an image again.

Like a friend taking a fujifilm polaroid and you wanting to have a copy/posting on social media.

This PhotoScan app is really very useful to keep your memories forever and apps features are very interesting to make the perfect picture. Download PhotoScan app from AppVN to scan and backup prints with your phone. AppVN is a very popular app to download paid apps for free.

i have tried above method on phone it worked for me photoscan is really worth everything