[Contest Submission] How To Use An Intervalometer To Create Day Long Timelapses

With only about 2 weeks left in our 2011 Behind The Scenes Contest, entries are starting to pour in. It's great to put some faces with the names of our readers and see the different types of projects everyone is working on. William Walker came up with a pretty simple but clever idea for his contest video. Using just a camera and a Vello ShutterBoss intervalometer, William was able to capture photos of his buddy restoring a badly damaged 2011 Audi Q5. The whole project took over 40 working hours (several days of footage) and presented William with a few challenges. The concept is pretty straightforward and mad props to William for going out and pushing himself to try something new. The BTS video is shown first with the final timelapse video directly below it. If you are planning to submit your own BTS video to our contest, you have just over 15 days to get it up online. Don't wait until the final day or you will probably not make the deadline!

Behind The Scenes:

Final Timelapse:

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Pretty cool result! Rock on :)

Very cool. thanks for walking us through it


Nice job. Does that Canon not have a timer built in? Or does the outboard timer have better control somehow??

I was waiting for the full timelapse and it never came.  Kinda feel cheated.  :(  I can concur with the auto white balance though.  I did that a couple times on my timelapses.  

The timelapse is in the full post. Second video.

Crap it didn't show up in my tablet right?  I missed it.  Pretty simple timelapse.  

Thanks all!  @facebook-1493760217:disqus no, Canon for some reason hasn't adapted the internal intervalometer like Nikon has. @Chuxty:disqus do you think it would have been better to include the final timelapse at the end of the BTS video instead of having a separate clip?  I was debating this while making the video.  I appreciate everyone's input.

Magic Lantern adds an intervalometer :)

Very nice video. It's quick and to the point with the BTS. He offers a couple nice tips, but it would have been helpful to just describe the post production even if just very quickly. The 30 seconds used to list links would be better spent on that little bit of post production info. Throw out one plug at the end. By the third one, even I have checked out. (yes, I did go to his website, but most of us can't take the time to investigate every link within a post) Still, this is an interesting project and I think it was well executed. Good work!