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Almost every adventure and landscape photographer wants to travel the world. Capturing new landscapes and experiences in new, epic locations is a trait ingrained in outdoor photographers. But how does one balance the need for personal exploration, the need to quench a creative thirst, and the opportunity to be there for one's family?

Jimmy Chin is a world renowned alpinist, skier, photographer, and filmmaker who also owns his own production company, Camp 4 Collective. Chin's remarkable photographs and films have earned numerous awards and recognitions from Photo District News, the American Society of Magazine Editors, Sundance Film Festival, National Geographic, Outside Magazine, and more. 

Besides being the first American to ski off the summit of Mt. Everest, one of Chin's most remarkable achievements, in the creative and climbing worlds, is Meru. The Shark's Fin route on this 21,000-foot peak in the Indian Himalaya is considered “the ultimate prize in Himalayan big-wall climbing.” In 2011, Chin and two others climbers summitted Meru via the Shark's Fin route. In addition to focusing on the technical aspect of the expedition, Chin also focused on photography and filmmaking. "Meru" ended up receiving numerous recognitions, including the Winner of the 2015 Sundance Fim Festival, and the Winner of the 2015 Telluride Mountain Film Festival. 

Being a professional rock climber and creative is synonymous with world traveling. For Chin, this means spending little time at home with his wife and two kids. Watch the video above for an authentic and inspiring glimpse into Chin's life, and to better understand what drives him to create mind-blowing films and photographs around the world while also balancing a home life.

*Note: Title was changed from "Adventure Photographer Balances Career and Home Life" to current title in order to better reflect the content of the video and text.*

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Timothy Behuniak is a Salt Lake City-based landscape and outdoor adventure photographer who's passionate about getting lost in the woods with his camera. Tim's hope is that his viewers, like him, will one day love and fight to protect the beautiful locations he is fortunate to photograph.

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Hmmm...Not sure there's much balancing going on...

I'm a fan...but this article is wholly misleading. There is no balance here. He chose a priority.

I think there is definitely a balance, although it might not be an even one. Just remember, the quick video isn't on his entire life ... just a small glimpse into the life of a traveling adventure photographer.

The word balance...means in "of load" etc.

I think what others and myself were trying to impart is that the title of this article is grossly misleading. his story isn't about balance at all. It's about the pursuit of his passions and the adjustments/sacrifices that have to be made to facilitate that. Nothing at all about balance.

Totally understandable. I apologize for the misleading headline!

"Meru" is an absolutely stunning film.

I totally agree!! I've seen it more than five times and it still blows my mind each time I watch it.

I'm not sure Jimmy said the word family once, but maybe his wife is ok with his priorities. A great many couples get married and then the spouse ships out with the military for year or so. The head-scratching headline is yet another reason to add an editor to the Fstoppers staff. Just do it, hire an editor. Photographer Sacrifices Family Life for Art and Adventure.
I'm a big fan of his work.

We do have editors at Fstoppers. And I personally think there is a balance, although it may not be an entirely even one. I think it's important to remember that the above video is just a quick, five minute glimpse into the life of a traveling adventure photographer. We do not know the every day ins and outs of his life.

An editor will tell you the headline is for the accompanying text, not additional unreported or unknown content. We all know headlines are commonly misused online to attract clicks. When that is not the motive they can easily be improved or corrected. Adventure Photographer Passionate About His Work

Great! Thank you for pointing that out. The misleading title was totally unintentional, and I did just change it (with a note at the bottom of the text explaining the change).

Jimmy is probably my biggest inspiration. I’m a climber but also an amateur photographer and his work in both those fields are amazing

I totally agree!! He's a big inspiration of mine. I'm also a climber and photographer, so I love seeing where Jimmy goes and the work he puts out when he travels. Excited to see more from the recent Antarctica expedition!

And stay tuned! I recently interviewed Cedar Wright! An article will be up in February about his photo/video and climbing career! :)

That is defentivly something I’d like to read. He seems to be a really funny guy. And I’m desperatly waiting for more content to be released from their antartica expidition. So much beautiful imagery and amazing climbing that just inspires you to go out and shoot

I totally agree! The article will shed some light on their Antarctica expedition!! I thought that recent trip was absolutely insane, and I'm super stoked it went well!! Makes me want to start saving for the plane ticket down there, myself ;)

Wow I checked his website, stunning work!
The title of the article is misleading (but it got me interested to check the video, so well played), as in this particular video, you don't see any balance really! I think he will later (like many of us) regret not having more time with his daughter, especially at this very young age, they grew up fast and fathers working on long projects tend to miss alot.

Hi! I did just change the article title to better reflect this. I apologize for the misleading headline as it was unintentional. But I agree! I'm not a father, but I can understand this viewpoint.

I just registered to the site to post a comment on this. I see that others already pointed out that the tittle is misleading. Well, being female, I do want to point out another angle to this. I do believe that "balancing" between career and familly is just so much easier for men, because the society just expect a wife to step in on the missing part. It's just so much harder for women who are often considered a "bad mother" when they prioritise a career. I don't have a career as a photographer, but it is my passion. As a working mother of three there are so many times when the conditions to shoot are just perfect but I have other priorities to handle... I would often just go out but I feel it's my duty to be there for my kids while they still need me. It's not a good feeling though. I take some comfort in thinking they will grow up and I already know what I'll be doing then.

Thanks for your comment! I did just update the title to better reflect the content of the video and text. I apologize for that, as the misleading headline was unintentional. But back to your thought: interesting point. I'd be interested to hear others' opinions on this, as I'm not a parent. I think that it's unfortunate you feel this way, as I do know several stay-at-home dads -
(opposite of supposed "gender role). Personal question, but are you a single mom? Could your husband cover home while you go out and shoot? Just genuinely curious.

No, not a single mom, but we are both working, so a lot of balancing is necessary. I do go out and shoot and he does help a lot, but I could not imagine leaving for longer periods. And when there's time to take a kid to a training it doesn't matter if a sun is just setting or a mist is secretly covering the landscape. Fortunatelly there are those precious times when I'm free to go and the conditions are just perfect. And of course there's the feeling of being needed and valuable to your familly...

It’s tough getting that time when the light is right when you try and maintain balance, I admire Jimmys work and he seems a nice guy but he reminds me of a lot of the driven climbers I know, balance doesn’t come into it.
I know if I had been working away a personal climbing trip wouldn’t be a consideration on my daughters birthday ( except if she was coming climbing with me 😀)

Meru is the best adventure movie/documentary I've seen. I've had the pleasure to meet Renan Ozturk. Grasping what they do as athletes with all the gear on top of that and needing to film is just mind-blowing. Thank you Tim for sharing!

I totally agree!!! That's amazing!!! I'd love to meet any of them!! Where/when did you meet Renan??? It was my pleasure sharing!! Thanks for the feedback!! (BTW - I had the chance to interview Cedar Wright for an upcoming article that'll be published in a few days - be sure to check back soon!! :) )