Behind the Scenes of Erik Johansson’s Work: Stellantis

Erik Johansson is an award-winning photographer and digital artist, known with his surreal composite images. He recently published the behind the scenes video of his project Stellantis, where he shows the pre-production stages and how he achieves the final look on his composite image.

The work of Johansson is unique and surreal, but the way he creates his composite images makes them look real. He is an avid user of Photoshop, and he knows how to combine each element to achieve the look he desires. It’s not only his Photoshop techniques that make his work unique and high-quality of course; months of planning, sketching, set design and location scouting create the large portion of his workflow. The rest of the work is completed in camera and in computer, but those are just the tools for bringing his ideas to life.

In this video, Johansson briefly shares the steps of the process of creating the Stellantis, including the sketching, prop making, shooting and retouching. For this project, he uses a Hasselblad H-Series camera and Profoto monolights and finalizes the composite image by using multiple photos for specific parts of the image. To find more about Johansson’s work, you can visit his website.

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Studio 403's picture

So nice to see his skills, wonderful

Musing Eye's picture

Amazing depth and investment he puts into this one image.