Behind the Scenes of Miley Cyrus' Racy Photoshoot for V Magazine

Behind the Scenes of Miley Cyrus' Racy Photoshoot for V Magazine

When I hear the words V Magazine and Mario Testino in the same sentence, I immediately think of high gloss, sexy editorials. I think of vibrant colors and in-your-face fashion. I think of… Miley Cyrus? The latest issue of V Magazine sees the megastar taking one more step away from her Hannah Montana past. The results? She pulls it off (pun kind of intended).

miley cyrus v magazine sexy

miley cyrus v magazine sexy

miley cyrus v magazine sexy

miley cyrus v magazine sexy

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Michael Dixon-Brooks's picture

I like the images, the video was a bit jarring and annoying.

A local photographer posted this video to a local facebook group to show that having other people on set doesn't cause problems, because there are a few that refuse to allow anyone except themselves and the model around and there have been a lot of back and forth arguments about it. It's quite tiresome really.

Carlton Canary's picture

That is a truly ridiculous argument. On a professional shoot there are always other people around. Art directors, stylists, producers, assistants. Everyone knows their job and knows their place. Anyone who steps out of line is simply not asked to come back. If the photographer is not able to keep order on his/her set while still keeping a god report with the subject, then they are not particularly adept at their job. Long story short, everyone is there for a reason and everyone HAS to be there.

Exactly, but there are too many photographers around here who don't want anyone, absolutely no one, on site during a shoot. Not even a MUA can be on site. For these guys only the photographer and model can be on set or even near the set. Everyone has to leave the area completely and only be near when called to be there.

The complete insistance that the set be clear is sort of obnoxious and can be detrimental the getting the shoot done.

dmololol's picture

cocaine's a helluva drug...

Michael Osei-Ampadu's picture


Dafydd Owen's picture

Can't tell what lighting is used - looks as if it's just diffused window light ....?

Kate McKelvey Frey's picture

there's a diffused overhead light. probably a fill from mid hight.. also soft... look in her eyes.

John_Skinner's picture

I'm just not seeing it. Talented... questionable. And what, because she comes from the Achy breaky heart trailer addition? She's a little hard to look at with those dental veneers which gives the appearance of being slightly bucked-toothed. I just don't see the draw.

Chris Pickrell's picture

ACTUALLY, she is Disney royalty. Children grew up learning about life from Hannah montana. So they will follow her. Much like I still worship Optimus Prime.

Jeffery Thomas's picture

Lesbian fantasy. No doubt. Watch. She'll come out as "Bi-Sexual" soon - just like Lohan did.

MindOfGMJ's picture

Quite the atrocious video! The editor of this abomination was more interested in showing off whatever skills s/he has in Final Cut or what-have-you.
I'd have preferred a less flashy, wanna-be music video and an actual glimpse behind the scenes of a team of professionals, incl. a professional entertainer. just my 2c.

Steve's picture

Worst making of video ever made....seems like the editor wanted to do fancy music videos instead.
This is not a making of video, more like a "oh look I was there and it was so friggin fancy." type of Video.
Long story short: I like the pictures and hate the video.

Steve Thurston's picture

To those hating on the video: it wasn't a tutorial and didn't claim to be. This BTS video is as much a part of the spread as are the pictures themselves. It's projecting the desired image of the artist and the magazine. I sincerely doubt photographers were its target audience.

P.S. Miley is looking pretty hot!

Ron Dicken's picture

Wow, another Disney child star that's going to be used up by the entertainment industry. Just another Brittany. She looks like crap with that haircut. Enjoy your monarch programing.

volkerball85's picture

Surprisingly, she actually comes off as an intelligent, well-adjusted and sensible young woman. Oh, but she cut her hair, posed in a racy photoshoot and experimented with alcohol/drugs like... well, EVERY young adult does at some point. Hurry, burn her at the stake!

Rob781's picture

Some of those images look quite awkward to me.

Brian Bray's picture

Nothing worse than a BTS video that teaches you nothing. Sorry, but good video editing isn't showing off how many cuts and effects you can jam into a minute piece. Wow, you got software, congratulations. Now please quit masturbating with it and learn how to tell a story.

Marc van Oers's picture

I like it!,.. nice edgy jumpy clip. It has nothing to do with a tutorial BTC movie,.. It's meant to sell the magazine. (and I've seen Capture One Pro being used, That's my favorite as well)

Erik Tande's picture

The pictures are awesome!

Daleon Listhrop's picture

I agree...!

rollypolly14's picture

Can anyone tell me what color is that background paper

Daleon Listhrop's picture

The color of the background is Grey/Gray...!

barnyard's picture

I hope she fires her manager for this

Jana's picture

Mela jsem majli ráda když se nechovala tak ak do ted předtím měla krásné dlouhé vlasy a chovala se jako skoro normální holka ted se pomalu vyslíká na fotkách vypadá jak genxtr a jako fetka ako nevím proč se mění víc jí slušela ty druhá povaha hodná a milá měla jsem její plagáty po celé stěně ted už tam není ani jeden prostě mě skalmala