Behind the Scenes on the New Browns Campaign

Yesterday Fstoppers' writer Christ Knight shared a video in which famed photographer David LaChapelle takes us through his set-centric studio in Los Angeles. Sure they talk about his life and what it's like to be a deity among mortals but I noticed the sets. The elaborate, expansive and expensive creations are a crucial part of his process but they seem so out of reach for the wallet of the average image maker. That is where this video I stumbled onto takes over. No, it is not via LaChapelle. Barry Harris Studio takes us along for the new Browns ad campaign and showcases how simple sets with a common theme can have a tremendous impact. Studio flats like the ones utilized here are fairly inexpensive to make and don't take a ton of effort or cash to put together.

In fact, excluding the giant neon "B" that is equal parts awesome and impossible to price, I would bet that building the sets in this video cost less than $1,000. If we aren't including furniture it's probably sub $500 total. When you consider that a flat bed pickup and a few hours at a junkyard could give you plenty of props for next to nothing there's really no reason not to try building your own set. Right?


So get out there, get dirty, and paint a giant piece of wood until it looks amazing.


Via ISO1200

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Coco Rocha is such a beast at modeling.

I love this - but I love the song as well - who is it?