Finding Ways to Keep the Passion in Photography

Anyone who pursues photography professionally knows all too well how absolutely time consuming the business side of the industry truly is. Between managing clients, keeping your inbox at zero, and still trying to find time to pursue personal projects or just have a life outside of photography, you can sometimes lose yourself to the rat race. That’s why when I saw Evan5ps' newest video it really struck a chord in me.

Evan5ps is a YouTuber and lifestyle photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. While I normally find myself watching Evan’s videos due to how open and honest he is about the photographer lifestyle and industry, today’s video really caught my attention because it felt different.

While still giving the honest feedback you come to expect from his channel, he goes on to explain how he has found himself so caught up in all the business that he’s forgotten to go out and shoot for himself. While this doesn't happen often with myself, I see this constantly happening to people around me. We all need personal projects to recenter our creativity and reset all the stress the industry can put on us at times. Your mind and passion for photography is the best asset we have and have to make sure it stays healthy.

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Jared Murray's picture

I discovered Evan's videos a month or so ago before his subscriber numbers jumped up to what they are now (hipster credit, please). I absolutely love his presentation and vlogging style, and that his advice is accessible and encouraging to people who are just starting out like myself. I'll often find tutorial or informational videos on photography and get excited about what the creator is going to say, only to find myself scratching my head and continually scrubbing backwards to reinterpret what they're telling me. It's perhaps more a commentary on myself and the skill level I have at the moment than it is on the creators, but YouTubers like Evan make me feel as if I'm actually capable of gaining the insight I need to help inform even better work.

This comment isn't even about this particular video, so if you're not a fan of it go check out his other stuff. If this site is going to continue showcasing videos as often as it does, please push his stuff; so long as the quality remains top notch.