Phillip Bloom Shoots Pick Ups On The Set Of "Red Tails"

This is a cool little video from Phillip Bloom documenting some of the pick up shooting for the movie Red Tails. This is an awesome look at some of the great DSLR rigs they have for professional film production. Also, take a look at that $700 3D rig! That's the highlight of the video for me.

So what do you guys think? Ever put together a DSLR rig like in the video? What about the 3D set up?

If you're interested in some of Phillips other videos, check out his Vimeo page HERE.




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J.R. Clubb's picture

woah when did Philip Bloom get fat? 

I don't think Philip ever was very thin.. He's getting good progress on that though.

Jens Marklund's picture

1D X or 1D C?

What was he shooting? Seems like he just stood next to the main camera most of the times, with his dslr. Will his footage be used in the movie?

Neither the 1D X or 1D C was announced at the time he shot the video.
He used the 5D mkII, 1D mkIV and a PL mount modified 7D.

That's his blogpost:

His footage was used in the movie. I believe he was the B-cam, he did most of the action footage. On his blog he said there was quite a lot of his footage used in the trailer.

Pixyst's picture

The dual GoPro 3D setup looks really clever. Would be nice to try.

Tomek Dersu Aaron Whitfield's picture

The ending with the black and white (sepia) fade, really looks like he's dead and this is a memorial. Thank you Phillip Bloom!

Bua's picture

that is video porn. as opposed to porn video.

3D didn't go far once again...was it even at NAB?

Gosh, this is 2 year old news - video posted May 12, 2010

 Yea..odd post?

glorified b-roll at best.