How to Be More Confident as a Photographer

Confidence is one of those important attributes that are really useful for a photographer. While too much can definitely be a bad thing, not enough can dramatically reduce the opportunities you'll have to make great work.

Not having enough confidence as a photographer is a big problem when it comes to producing work and gaining clients. If it appears like you don't believe in yourself, then you're going to struggle to get others to be motivated to work with you. Thankfully for us, the amount of confidence you have is not set in stone and is something you can work on improving. This week, the team over at Charisma on Command is back with an insightful video on this very subject.

You may think the TV series Mad Men is an unlikely case study to pick when it comes to personal development, but it's actually a clever choice. By using a fictional character on a TV show, we are able to see a more amplified, and in many ways, a more authentic representation of human behavior. The video starts by explaining how internal and external confidence are two very different things and illustrates these points with some clips from the show. Coming in at just over 10 minutes, this video is easily digestible and crammed with the key areas of confident behavior. I particularly enjoyed the lessons on body language and the concept of being non-reactive in difficult situations. In my opinion, these two points alone are well worth the watch of the video.

While we all see the importance of learning the more hands-on technical skills in photography, areas of personal development such as confidence are often neglected. With confidence brings the ability to achieve your potential as a photographer. It's for this reason that trying to work on gaining more confidence isn't a bad idea.

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Oh brother.

I think I do photography as a hobby and I find that when working with people or models you want to make them feel comfortable and confident. Just relax, network and get to know people. Stay focus & you'll see the perfect shots when the moment is right.

Confidence in your own work is the most important thing for a photographer or any other service provider if you are not satisfied with your own work then how can you pitch to your potential customers? For me loving and be proud of my work is what motivated me and helped me to grow further. I got my first photography project for an online learning portal where I had to cover all their corporate meetings and educational workshops. It was my first time, but the thing that helped me get this freelance project was my confidence.