Kareem Black Talks Abstract Marketing

We've been kicking a lot of "behind the business" videos lately so I hope you don't mind another one. Kareem Black is a celebrity and commercial photographer based out of New York City. His work is constantly featured in GQ and Vibe magazines as well as marketing campaigns for Verizon and Burger King. Being a photographer in the largest city in America, Kareem realized he always has to do something different to capture people's attention and ultimately get them to view his work. Simply handing people business cards and putting up ads on a bulletin board isn't going to cut it in a market full of 'marketers'. Instead you need to make people proactive in finding you by sparking their interests in your brand and the work you do. Here are a few ideas that should spark some abstract thinking of your own. Feel free to share interesting ideas you have used for your own business in the comments below.

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Patrick that was a good find, thanks for sharing that one.

I remember watching these a while back. His mentor is pretty aweshum too.

Isnt wheat pasting and posters illegal?

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I can't see any relation to Warhol and Basquiat, he clearly said that to make his campaign look more interesting than it really was. That said, I always wished I had the guts to be so forward and unapologetic about self-promotion :P Clearly, the results can be quite impressive.

Very interesting video. Glad you shared it.

Im sure wheat pasting and posting posters is technically illegal, but in a place like NYC it happens so much it has become almost commonplace to see stickers and posters and that sort of stuff all over the place.

I personally think its one of the things that makes the city so great. IMO.

So he is publicly showing himself breaking the law and is saying its ok for others to do so?

yeah, he is there making ways to get work and we are here surfing the web.

The photoshoot/mixer idea is fantastic. Kudos for bright ideas.

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The ends justify the means. Great post.