Learn To Make Interactive PDFs with Jason Hoppe!

Learn To Make Interactive PDFs with Jason Hoppe!

Starting tomorrow January 12 at 9am creativeLIVE will host Adobe certified expert, Jason Hoppe as he teaches everything you need to know to make an interactive PDF. In this 2-day workshop, Jason will show you how to create forms, use calculations and JavaScript, distribute PDFs, create hyperlinks and bookmarks, and how to embed files in your PDF. As a photographer, this is a very helpful tool to have in your back pocket and you'll impress your clients at the same time. Video downloads of the full 3-day event will cost $79. Enroll now! and watch this event LIVE for FREE.

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Nice, except interactive PDF files do not work on mobile devices... which is a shame of course.

They work, but you need to find an app that fits your needs. I'm using "ez reader" on android tablet and "pdf expert" on ipad. Hope this helps!