[Video] How Memorable Is Your Businesses Logo?

The vast majority of Fstoppers readers are part-time or full-time photographers. Everyone who creates a business is faced with the challenge of coming up with their own logo. How memorable is your logo? A timeless, unforgettable "mark" can help your business stand out of the crowd. Check out this video of a 5 year old responding to brandmarks to see what I mean.

It's amazing what even a 5 year old can remember when it comes to a brands mark. Even if she isn't sure what exactly it is for, she can remember where she saw it (ex. the Xbox logo).

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Patrick Hall's picture

Ha that actually was fun to watch!  Baby toys and a controller for Ryan's tv!  Classic

really great point, although I was overwhelmed by how cute the child's voice was that it was hard to focus

Cheetah, Cheetah, Cheetah....and M's upside down are W's!

Yea that struck me also. I wonder how Greyhound, Jag and Puma feel about that :-)

Sweet! Adorable kid. Excellent video. Here's another one with a two year old that knows over 50 car logos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CATltBy9zls

hah! I didn't even know half of those logos

lol super cute.. totally laughed at "parade elephant" 

Alex's picture

Majority of those brands, the ones most people will recognize instantly, have very simple lines.

AV Media Group's picture

Had me laughing at CHEETAH, CHEETAH, CHEETAH haha