You Have the Photography Skills, Now Get the Money Flowing In

You’ve got the fancy camera, the biggest and baddest lenses, and the technical know-how to shoot beautiful imagery in your field of photography. What do you do now to get the cash flow rolling in? Do you try to branch out your network reach to try to get the “in” with potential clients, make countless cold calls and emails, or giving away work for free to bring attention to your business? Many very talented professionals get to this point in their career where they have the skills but not the knowledge of business to make money. If you’re finding yourself in this spot of your career, watch this video from Sheldon Evans now.

Evans, a photographer based out of Cape Town, South Africa, goes on to explain how to use the marketing tools at your disposal within your social media platforms. While some might disagree with the effectiveness of Instagram and Facebook advertising due to the influx of photography-based businesses on the platform, it has the potential to be a very valuable tool to have at your disposal when learning how to build your business. Evans does a great job in explaining how he has used it to get his business in front of the right eyes to keep the cash flow rolling in.

[via Sheldon Evans]

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Lee Morris's picture

Great advice for beginners.

The best advice I got is to shoot all the time and when your work reaches a certain level, the work will become consistent.