Review: The Fuji GX617 Panoramic Beast

What first drew me to the panoramic format was that it's the way we naturally see. Sure, you can't really compare a camera's lens to the abilities of two (or even one) human eyes. But nevertheless, we are a horizontally-oriented species -- we live, work, and see along a horizontal plane. And so, after a bit of research, I dove in to get the Fuji GX617. Why not Hasselblad's XPAN? Why not the Linhof or Horseman variants? And how on Earth do you use these things? Let's find out...

Paddy, The Best New Way To Use Lightroom

There is no doubt Adobe Lightroom simplified the post processing workflow for photographers and retouchers since it came out. The simple layout, the easy to use sliders and the useful presets - all made post processing a much better experience. Then came Paddy, a personal code project by Dorfl, and made the process even easier. OK, not just easier - but way cooler. Paddy connects a MIDI Controller Desk to Lightroom, and lets you edit the photo directly from there.

A Mobile Strobe with a Flash Duration of 1/25,000?!! Yes, Please.

I know the title of this article is a bit wordy, but I didn't know how to describe this beast of a lighting system in fewer words. 1/25,000th of a second! As you can see in the video, the new Profoto Pro-b4 1000 Air turns water into glass. It negates gravity. There is nothing you can't shoot with this rig. Plus it's field-ready, running off of a fast-recharging battery pack. It's almost enough to get this speedlite-only shooter...

Look At Leica's Pretty New Store in Miami

Leica is known as a kind of Mercedez when it comes to cameras. It captures images like any camera will, but it's the name and reputation (and the quality that comes with it) you get a Leica for. That and the optics. Leica fans can rejoice over the opening of a store in Miami that showcases the full Leica photography and sport optics product portfolio, and it's got a pretty slick interior to boot.

Canon's New CMOS Sensor Can See In The Dark

Canon has given us a look at their recent prototype that makes progress on low light performance. To say it's sensitive in low light is an understatement. Take a look at the couple of sample images they've released along with their sample video, showing how great it captures the night sky. It's quite remarkable to say the least.