And The Winner Of The Fstoppers iPad Giveaway Is...

We would like to thank everyone for participating. If you are one of the 5000+ followers that didn't win, don't get down, we are going to have many more opportunities to win other cool prizes and most of them will require a little more skill than just following us on Twitter. This contest was just a little gift idea Lee and I had for the Holidays as a way to stay thanks for everyone who has made the first 10 months of Fstoppers such a success. So without further delay, the random winning Tweet is......


Congratulations to Zak Shelhamer for winning the Apple 16 gig iPad. Please email us as soon as possible to claim your prize. Thanks again for following us and hopefully we can see a video of how you are using the ipad (and hopefully an Eye-fi card) to create something interesting. Here is the random post that was picked (and a pretty funny and ironic one at that):

Well Zak, how helpful is that?

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I think it is so awesome that this is the Tweet that won for a number of reasons. First of all it's a hilarious tweet... I figured that the winning tweet would just be a random retweet to a post. Second, I was shocked that I recognized the winners name. Zak has been with us from the beginning and he entered our BTS contest months ago.

I'm glad that the iPad is going to a real FS reader and not somebody that followed us on Twitter last minute.

Congrats Zak!

congrats to zak, my heart was pounding when you finally posted the winner, ive been hitting refresh all day haha. but cant wait for more contests to come. thanks for bein so awesome guys.

LOL .. congrate to him

I freaking love you guys!!!

INSANELY jealous, but happy it went to a true follower. Make use of it Zak!!

So Zak... I think I speak for everyone when I say that we want you to create a killer BTS video that includes this new toy so that we all can learn from you.

Lee, it isn't a "toy", it is a "tool". We gotta get away from calling them "toys" cause then the women start to think that we are just messing around and not really working! Even though that is EXACTLY what we are doing, playing! lol

Business tool is what I meant to say :)

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Congrats Zak, wicked jealous! Great work Patrick and Lee, Fstoppers has become my top 5 sites because of your approach to fostering a real, authentic community and your guys obvious passion for what you do! Keep up the great work and thank you for all u do! I'll stop gushing now.

I'm glad you won....I could wait....I bought an iPad and looking forward to setting it up. Thanks stoppers for your great advice.

Not cool, that was MY iPad! Anybody else do this contest

Gratz on the nice new toy Zak!