[Contest] Facebook Group Photoshop Contest Results

Last month, we put up a copy of our brand new DVD, The Art Behind the Headshot up for grabs to the person who could impress Lee with their Photoshop skills. Entrants had to submit one file with both a before and after photo together to our Facebook Group.

We got literally hundreds of entries, many of them really fantastic. We were very impressed with the skills of many of you. It was a tough decision, and Lee's choice may surprise you...

Photographer: Hugo Sousa

In Lee's words: "There were a lot of pictures that I liked way more. However, for Photoshop skills, this one blew my mind."

Props to you Hugo! Send us email and we'll get a DVD in your hands so you can put those mad Photoshop skills to work.

Photographer: Jon Kristian Fjellestad

Photographer: Gonçalo Motta

Photographer: Krzysztof Żołnowski

Photographer: Marek Janicek

Photographer: Michael Go

Photographer: Ofir Abe

Thanks to everyone who entered, and keep checking back for more contests and sweet prizes from Fstoppers.com!

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The last one...i'm still laughing...i can't type

Curtis Farmer's picture

Do we call that guy "PatLee Halorris"?

Haha alright, my submission made it as a runner up! Curtis, the handsome gentleman will be perfect for the suggested name!

J.K. Fjellestad's picture

wow thanks for the runner up-position!, its a great honour! Congratulations as well to you other runners up and the winner, really nice pics!

Silentman Studios's picture

Pratik! hahaha Great job!

Thanks guys i'm very happy. 

Sending the email right now

Marek Janicek's picture

thanks guys!