[Contest] FS Forums Westcott Self Portrait Photo Contest Results

This past month, we tasked you Fstoppers with entering your best self portrait for a chance to win a brand new Westcott Apollo Orb. Self portraits are understandably hard to judge, but I based my considerations on three aspects: 1) Well lit; 2) Concept well executed; 3) The photo tells me something about the photographer.
There were many quality entries and I really enjoyed going through them. Thank you everyone who entered, as it proves what a solid group of photographers we have here. But there was one that stood out among them all, and that was...

User: Abercrombie

I love this image. Beautifully lit, great colors, excellent expression, and it has just enough going on in it to keep me looking for more. Abercrombie, you hit all three of my criteria and knocked it out of the park. Well done.

Abercrombie, to claim your prize, send us an email and we'll hook you up.

Runners Up

User: bartoj11

User: Maha Bazzari Comianos

User: davidoff

User: jpozzi

User: Mox

User: Peterjakubowski

User: LeeLooLa

User: JohnyCook

User: tinneyphoto

User: elboertjie (mostly because it made me laugh)

Congratulations all! Make sure you all enter this month in our next photo contest. Remember, you'll have to impress Abercrombie next time, as he gets to choose December's theme and pick the winner!

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Congratulations :) 

Well deserved!!! Excellent - excellent - excellent !!!!!

A7man's picture

obvious winner! congrats! really the best one!
i don't agree with the runner ups tho… 

Lluis Gerard's picture

Congrats to the winner :) well deserved.

And congrats to the last mention in this post lol

Gutted I didn't win but I knew the winner was the one as soon as I seen it in the forum :),   Congratulations.. some awesome work on this site :).

Wayne Leone's picture

Worthy winner. Not sure about the runners up to be honest.

Congratulations to the Winner!!!!

Jacques's picture

haha, thanks.  I'm glad I could make you and others laugh!  8-)