[Contest] This Fstoppers Reader Just Won Three New Pocketwizard Plus IIIs

[Contest] This Fstoppers Reader Just Won Three New Pocketwizard Plus IIIs

About three weeks ago we announced an easy Twitter contest where a random follower would win three of the unreleased Pocket Wizard Plus III radio triggers and a free copy of Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot. One lucky follower has been randomly chosen and we are ready to announce the big winner. Keep your fingers crossed as you read on

The lucky winner is Derek Cookson out of Royal Oak, Michigan!

Derek is a wedding and portrait photographer, and you can see a lot of his current work over at DCooksonPhotoBlog. I was worried a photographer would win who doesn't use off camera lighting or shoot people but it looks like Derek is pretty busy doing both.

In typical Fstoppers fashion, we haven't told Derek he has won yet so feel free to twitter bomb his account so he has something fun to wake up to tomorrow. Derek, email us your address and we will get these mailed out to you; congrats!

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Well done, Derek! Congrats! :)


My heart skipped a beat here... :0


I know this might be a silly question but....

It seems that photographers (or rather, public/website photographers) win these contests often. Do you comb or check to ensure that the winner has a photography website online prior to announcing the winner? The reason I ask is because I do a lot of photography, but not for the public (I shoot church events at family events with my 5Dm2 and assortment of lenses). So I don't have a website showcasing my work really... but wouldnt want to be excluded from winning because it "doesnt seem like hes a photographer" if that makes sense.

Just curious more than anything... thanks for any input and CONGRATS DEREK! :) enjoy man, enjoy!

 I have the same concerns.

I guess our concerns are unfounded? as no one answered? i dunno

I am the Derek that won.. and I was already a HUGE fstoppers fan before, now I am jumping for joy! Thanks guys! (yes, I read the site often enough to not be surprised in the morning..I was surprised tonight!)